Springfield Motorcycle Accident Lawyer & Attorney

Springfield motorcycle accident lawyer & attorney – Sangamon County, IL

If you’ve ridden to Springfield, the capital of Illinois you’ve probably ridden on 72 or 55 or cruised down 2d street in front of the Capital Building. But Springfield is also the location of a lot of motorcycle accidents. If you are in need of aSpringfield motorcycle accident lawyer Springfield motorcycle accident lawyer & attorney, contact our Illinois motorcycle law firm for a free consultation today at 877-LAW-4312 or email us.

A regular theme in the motorcycle accidents our law firm handles is that the defendant/the party that hit the biker, says that they did not see the biker or his or her bike. Bikes have a very low profile, don’t take up as much space as even a small car and are not well lit. As such, this is not surprising. A tip from your Springfield motorcycle accident attorney – if you want to avoid having to call someone like us to represent you, do the following:

  • Flash your brake lights – if you see a car pulling up to a stop behind you
  • Ride with your headlight on at all times – we do in Illinois
  • Use your turn signals at all times
  • Wear bright colors on your helmet and your clothes
  • Wear reflective clothing to grab other drivers’ attention

If you need a Springfield motorcycle accident attorney, or if you are in these or other cities in Sangamon County:

  • Clear Lake
  • Rochester
  • Curran
  • Berlin
  • Mechanicsburg
  • Chatham

The capital of Illinois and the county seat of Sangamon County is Springfield. With a population of 116,250 at the 2010 US Census, it is according to Wikipedia, the sixth most highly populated city in the state. The most famous person who lived in Springfield was Abraham Lincoln. Tourist attractions in the city include historic sites connected to the former president such as his presidential museum, his home and his tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery. There are many parks located throughout the city of Springfield including: Carpenter Park and Washington Park and Botanical Garden.

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