Decatur Motorcycle Accident Lawyer & Attorney

Decatur motorcycle accident lawyer & attorney– Macon County, IL

There are 115,000 residents of Decatur and a lot of them ride motorcycles. For a Decatur motorcycle accident lawyer & attorney, contact our office today for a free consultation at 877-LAW-4312 or email us.

Illinois motorcycle laws are applicable across Macon County the same as everywhere in Illinois. As such:

  • Helmets are NOT required in Illinois!Decatur motorcycle accident lawyer
  • Eye Protection is required
  • Passenger seat and foot pegs are required
  • Handlebars below shoulder height
  • Lane splitting is prohibited
  • 55 or 65 mph depending on what type of road you are on

It is important when hiring a Decatur motorcycle accident lawyer, it is important to hire a lawyer dedicated to working on motorcycle accidents. Our firm with our partnership with Kass & Moses has handled hundreds upon hundreds of motorcycle accident cases.

So if you’re in Decatur, or in any of the following cities:

  • Mt. Zion
  • Macon
  • Warrensburg
  • Cerro Gordo
  • Harristown
  • Forsythe

According to Wikipedia, Decatur is the largest city in Macon County, Illinois. The city is situated along the Sangamon River and Lake Decatur in the center of the state. In 2014 the population of Decatur was estimated at 74,010. The economy in Decatur is mainly industrial and agricultural. The North American headquarters of Archer Daniels Midland is in Decatur as is a design manufacturing facility for Caterpillar Inc. Parks in Decatur include Lake Decatur, Lincoln, and Lincoln Trail Homestead State Memorial, among others. Abraham Lincoln lived in Decatur in 1830. The population of Macon County has increased from its first census of 1,122 persons to its 2010 number of 110,768. The population in Mason County has actually decreased from its high in 2010 to an estimated 108,350 in 2014.

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