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We are an Illinois motorcycle accident law firm. That’s all we do. And we will come to you no matter where you are inBloomington Normal motorcycle accident lawyers & attorneys Illinois. So if you need a Bloomington Normal motorcycle accident lawyer, contact our office immediately for a free consultation.

Our office, with our partner the law firm of Kass & Moses has handled hundreds upon hundreds of motorcycle lawsuits. We’ve traveled all over Illinois to meet with clients. We’ve represented clients in numerous Illinois cities including Bloomington Normal and we’re available to all clients in McLean County including:

  • Chenoa
  • El Paso
  • LeRoy
  • Lexington

The city of Bloomington is in McLean County; Illinois it is also the county seat. Bloomington and Normal are the most populated of the two municipalities. Combined the cities had a population of 130,000 according to Wikipedia. The areas are known for various annual events including: American Passion Play, The Illinois Shakespeare Festival, The Lincoln’s Bloomington Festival and The Spring Bloom Arts Festival. Other area offerings include public ice-skating at the Pepsi center, rock climbing at Upper Limits Indoor Rock Climbing Gym and The U.S. Cellular Coliseum.

Our office will manage your case professionally and will represent your interests aggressively. We have years of experience dealing with motorcycle insurance companies. Let us obtain appropriate compensation for the damage to your bike and recover the most money for your pain and suffering.

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