Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

People often ask me what are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. Our office receives calls daily from motorcycle accident victims.  Many were involved in solo-vehicle accidents. They crashed while taking a turn or hit a deer. Unfortunately, there isn’t much we can do for those folks. However, most of our calls involve motorcyclists […]

Motorcycle DUI

Received a motorcycle DUI? Call a motorcycle DUI lawyer at 312-848-9783. The United States National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) has some staggering statistics regarding the rate of drunk driving motorcycle accidents. While speeding continues to rank as the largest cause of motorcycle accidents, drunk driving is now the second most common cause of fatal […]

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers – Damages for Pain and Suffering

Injured in an Illinois motorcycle accident? Need a free consultation with motorcycle accident lawyers? Contact our office today for a consultation with an experience lawyer at 844-LAW-4312, 312-848-9783 or email us. When you’ve been in a motorcycle accident, your medical records and bills reveal your injuries and document the amount of your medical expenses. However, […]

McHenry County motorcycle accident lawyer – checklist

Contact a McHenry County motorcycle accident lawyer at 312-848-9783 or email us for a checklist of things you should do if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident. Keep this checklist with your motorcycle and use it to collect the information you’ll need when you do talk to your McHenry County motorcycle accident lawyer. Immediately […]

Gurnee Motorcycle Accident Lawyer – Motorcycle Insurance

Contact a Gurnee motorcycle accident lawyer to discuss what type of motorcycle insurance you should have. There are many insurance companies around that would love to insure your bike, but which policy should you buy? Companies offer different coverage dependent upon: where you live, the type of bike you have, how many miles you ride […]

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Chicago

Your motorcycle accident lawyer in Chicago wants to share a few organizations with you that might enhance your riding experience. The American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) is a non-profit organization that protects the rights of riders through taking an active role on motorcycle-only checkpoints, insurance discrimination, distracted driving and other issues that restrict the freedom of […]

Waukegan Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Assist With Discriminatory Vehicle Checkpoints

Waukegan Motorcycle Accident Attorney Can Assist With Discriminatory Vehicle Checkpoints The state of Illinois passed legislation in 2012 making it illegal for law enforcement agencies in the state to use federal funds to set up motorcycle-only road checkpoints. This was done largely in anticipation of a federal measure to require states to discontinue the practice, […]